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Introducing 'Silent Nature'

“When I take an inanimate object out of the natural world and place it in a still life or ‘Silent Nature’ arrangement, I am purposefully isolating it stripping it down to its basic material attributes: its form, colour and mass. This enables me to explore the essence and mystery of the object. Giving expression to lifeless matter on canvas is for me a poetic act” Stavros Kotsiréas.

Stavros is collaborating with the V&P TASSIS art foundry in Athens to produce eight bronze sculptures under the umbrella of his 'Silent Nature' work in 2014-2017, for more info and images please go to Sculpture section

This site also includes a selection of images of previous work including; paintings, limited edition prints, ceramics, graphic art and drawings.

For more information and to get in touch with the artist please go to the Contact the Artist section

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